On-Ice Sport Accident Coverage:

Players & Referees in LSH are covered for any dental and/or medical on-ice injuries sustained as a result of playing hockey. If you already have an extended health it is possible to coordinate benefits to maximize the benefit paid.


*Some of the many dental/medical benefits available to you include the following:

Player Dental Coverage - Full facial protection (no mouth guard required)

Up to $2000

Player Dental Coverage - Half visor with mouth guard

Up to $1500

Goalie Dental Coverage - Full facial protection (no mouth guard required)

Up to $1500

Referee Dental Coverage - Half visor (no mouth guard required)

Up to $1500

Accidental Death Benefit (as a direct result of playing hockey)

Up to $20,000

Prescription Drugs, Registered Nurse, Licensed Ambulance (hockey related injury)

Up to $5,000

Psychological Therapy

Up to $5,000

Physiotherapist / Chiropractor

Up to $750


Up to $750

Massage / Athletic Therapy ($50/session)

Up to $750

Hearing Aids, Crutches, Splints, Casts, Orthopedic devices, Trusses, Medical braces

Up to $750

Fracture Benefit

Up to $500

Bereavement / Compassion Benefit

Up to $1000

Vision Care Expenses

Up to $100


No Coverage

Loss of Wages

No Coverage


How to Submit an On-Ice Sport Accident Claim:

If you are injured while on the ice playing or refereeing hockey you can submit a claim by using the Sports Accident Claim Form that may be downloaded from this website. The coverage extended will be contingent upon the policy particulars.

  • Completed claim forms must dropped off in the LSH Mailbox at the WFD Sports Centre and addressed to Brian Laporte for signature. Ask the front desk for the location of the mailbox.

  • Your completed claim forms will be faxed or mailed with receipts.

  • Claim forms must be submitted within 90 days of injury. Claimants may submit receipts for up to one (1) year from date of injury;

  • Players & Referees are eligible for the coverage providing they have been seen by a doctor or dentist within 30 days from their date of injury;

  • On-ice accidental dental injury coverage shall only apply to whole, sound, natural teeth providing the minimum facial protection equipment is worn. The policy also allows for crowns, veneers and supporting structures. Capped teeth are included as part of the coverage as long as they cannot be removed;


If you have any questions or problems with your claim, contact Your team captain or division convenor

Your Team Captain or Division Convener can provide a phone number if needed.