This page explains what to do if you have forgotten your password or how to change your password.


If you have forgotten your password, click Password Forgotten.

Password Forgotten

Enter your User Name or email address. Remember this is case Sensitive. Enter the code displayed to prove you are human. This is also case sensitive. When you have that entered click the Send button. Watch to see if there is an error or if it was sent. In a few minutes check your email for your user name and your new password. Use those to log in.

Password forgotten step 2

After you log in with your user name and password you can keep your new password or change it. If you want to change your password click on My Profile.

My Profile

Click on Change Password.

Password change.

Enter the current password (this is the one in the email that was sent to you if you clicked Password Forgotten). You might find it easier to copy and paste it in. Enter your new password, remember it is caSe SenSitive. Enter your new password again in the Repeat field. Click the Save. Make sure there aren't any error's messages and that your new password is saved. If there is an error message make the correction and click the Save button.

Password change confirm.